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RV Mekong Pandaw

    Built in Rangoon in 2002 she was sailed round to Saigon under her own power and many a drama described in Paul Strachan’s Pandaw Story. This ship was designed specially for the Mekong and unlike our other P class ships does not have a flying bridge. The reason was so she could get under a road bridge. She did actually scrape under on her maiden but it was so scary that Paul Strachan, then standing on the bridge, never dared attempt it again. As a result, we ended up with this incredible 750 square meter teak deck that even has a full size billiard table.

    The MP as she is affectionately known is our most spacious ship with wider promenades, a larger dining hall and more public space per passenger than any known ship afloat. Seriously!
In 2012 she was refitted and lower deck cabins removed in favour of a professional spa, gym, library lounge and office. She is quite justifiably the most splendid ship on the Mekong and the envy of anything that floats by.

    The ship has quality mountain bikes for your independent exploration.

Cruise to: Vietnam, Cambodia

Depart from: Vietnam, Cambodia

Cruise length: 4 - 8 Days


    The Pandaw stateroom is the most celebrated feature of our ships, combining splendid colonial-era character with exquisite contemporary comfort.

    Finished in brass and teak, the main and upper deck rooms are a spacious 168 square feet (15.6 sqm), with the exception of the Zawgyi Pandaw which is 150 square feet (14 sqm). As the space is much loved by all our passengers, we have ensured that with each ship we build, the stateroom remains essentially the same. Be advised: our cabins do not have mini-bars, satellite TV's, internet access or telephones. Passengers tend to choose Pandaw in order to escape from the tiresome features found in international business hotels.
    Many passengers have described life on board a Pandaw as more like being a guest on a private motor yacht, than a passenger on a conventional cruise ship. For a start, our itineraries and our quest for the most spectacular sights and experiences is far more intrepid than conventional cruises. And when passengers return to the ship after experiencing the wonders of life onshore, they are coming back to a floating oasis of low-key luxury, caring service and all the good things of life.

    All our cabins are the same size and all contain Pandaw's signature amenities. Passengers can choose from the Main Deck or Upper Deck. Our ship Kalay features a bigger suite on the upper deck.
•    Fruit and flowers on arrival
•    Kimonos and slippers
•    Spa-branded amenities
•    Unlimited mineral water
•    Free use of mini DVD player on request and selection of DVDs from our library (subject to availability)
Pandaw stateroom

Pandaw stateroom

All our cabins are the same size and all contain Pandaw's signature amenities. Passengers can choose from the Main Deck or Upper Deck. Our ship Kalay features a bigger suite on the upper deck.

Area: 14 - 15.6 sqm

Bed Type: King size bed, Twin beds


    Excursions ashore are a key part of any Pandaw river expedition. These may take the form of a good walk through the countryside and villages; further explorations by speedboat going deeper into jungle or up river; horse cart rides in Burma or cyclos in Cambodia.
    We try not to use cars or coaches wherever possible and in some places only the most basic local transportation is available, like at Katha in Burma where you may find yourself in the back of a truck looking for a working elephant camp.
    We stop at least once a day, and usually twice. On the Mekong we will spend a day and a night in exciting Phnom Penh; in Burma we need at least a day and a half in both Pagan and Mandalay. Our expert guides will accompany you on these explorations ashore or you are welcome to make individual excursions as there are no issues of safety or security in any of the ports we visit.
•    All scheduled excursions are accompanied by members of the crew with first aid kits, water and cold towels
•    Entrance fees for sights included in the itinerary
•    Comprehensive fact sheets or 'trip books' provided
•    Passengers can visit Pandaw Charity projects along the way and interact with the local communities who welcome us
•    There is an opportunity to travel to local markets with the Pandaw Head Chef at least once during the cruise programme
•    We provide crew assists for those who require them in areas where river banks are steep and slippery
•    While individual excursions are encouraged, passengers are asked to rejoin the ship at the appointed time to avoid delays in our schedule
Classic Mekong
Classic Mekong

7 Days 8 Nights

There can be no tapestry of river life as fascinating and varied as the River Mekong.
Saigon And Phnom Penh Short Cruise
Saigon And Phnom Penh Short Cruise

5 Days 4 Nights

There can be no more striking a cultural contrast as that between the bustling Vietnam Delta and the tranquility of Cambodia.