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Would you like to see the real Indochina beyond the annoying crowded tourist places that people usually go? Do you want to discover some new attractions by yourself, or you just like somewhere to wash your heart purely? Then come with us! We always focus on exploring brand new itineraries, which is fit for your demand surely.
10 cool collectibles to buy in Vietnam
Admin 30 Jun, 2020
10 cool collectibles to buy in Vietnam
In Vietnam, shopping is all about the boutiques that appeal to you, the artisans with a interesting point of view, and the cool finds that leave you with a story to tell. Vietnam is rich in crafts, from weaving to woodblock painting. Its colourful history and mixed cultural influences provide a wealth of inspiration for contemporary brands. Here are 10 interesting collectibles to bring home from your Vietnam trip, as well as a list of favourite places to shop around the country.
Vietnam month by month
Admin 16 Sep, 2019
Vietnam month by month
Winter temperatures can be bitterly cold in the far north, with snow possible. The further south you go, the milder the weather. Tet occurs at the end of the month (or in February).
Dalat Flower Festival

Held early in the month, this is always a wonderful occasion, with huge elaborate displays and the whole town involved. It’s become an international event, with music and fashion shows and a wine festival.