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Would you like to see the real Indochina beyond the annoying crowded tourist places that people usually go? Do you want to discover some new attractions by yourself, or you just like somewhere to wash your heart purely? Then come with us! We always focus on exploring brand new itineraries, which is fit for your demand surely.
9 stunning rooftop bars
Admin 30 Jun, 2020
9 stunning rooftop bars
    When it comes to rooftop bars, Vietnam is up there with the best in Asia. The ever-changing urban skylines of Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are best seen from the perspective of a few stories up. Elevated above the chaos, cool drink in hand, you can feast your eyes on enticing panoramic views, and watch the streets transform from day to night. Get to know nine of Vietnam’s most outstanding rooftop bars in the list below.