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Tourism Indochina Welcome

    Finding the perfect wave along Indochina is not a difficult task. Surfers from all over the world see Indochina as an authentic “Temples Heritage & Giant Beach” in Asia, with well-formed waves and a pleasant climate all year round.

    Tourism is not only a fast expanding global industry, but also a bridge that brings closer cultures and civilizations. Indeed, tourism is a vibrant industry that generates wealth and brings closer people from different religions and cultures. It encourages mutual understanding between different races and ethnicities and therefore it creates ties, thus Indochina is seen as a tourist destination.

    Let’s begin this new embarkation with a brighter future. This move is a positive initiative in creating greater awareness and understanding in luring tourists to Indochina. With all our might, Indochina Partner Travel will play an important role and do everything possible to improve tourism industry and in order to achieve this noble goal, IPT requires strong services in order to work closely with relevant parties, therefore we must work together and unite in support of each other for the development and success of this industry.

    Special thanks also go to both the public and private sectors for continuing to work in partnership that promotes healthy tourism development in Indochina. It is imperative, as we reach for the stars, for us to strive hard and make meaningful contribution to “Rediscover Indochina”.

    We are sure visitors will encounter a kaleidoscope of festivals, traditions and cultural festivities while enjoying Indochina’s diverse natural attractions, therefore we invite and welcome you to join us in rediscovering Indochina.
Thank you

Who We are?

Who We are?     Indochina Partner Travel has its Head Office in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and other 3 branches offices in Siem Reap (Cambodia), in Luang Prabang and in Vientiane (Laos PDR). The company operates under the brand of Indochina Partner Travel Co, Ltd. As the handling agent for major international tour operators, we provide quality destination services to multi-lingual clients such as French, Spanish, German, British, Russian and American at competitive rates.

    We offer a variety of product line including hotels, private tours, car rentals, airport transfers, soft adventure tours, cruises, home-stay, biking tours, lifestyle packages, student group, meeting package and incentive group as well as cooking classes, spa holiday, golfing, temple Gala dinner arrangement and Teambuilding.

    An efficient team of motivated and experienced managers who know their individual terrain extremely well work in harmony towards the same goal. All are continuously scouting for innovative products and are in daily contact with each other, sharing ideas and information. Training programs are coordinated throughout the network to ensure that quality is maintained at a consistent level everywhere and at all times.

What We Can Do For You?

What We Can Do For You?     Welcome to Indochina!
    Welcome to see the mysterious and beautiful countries!

    Whatever you want to see, either the amazing ancient scenic spots or the latest wonderful constructions, we will arrange you a most effective and satisfactory list. What you should do, is just telling us: where you want to go for Indochina, when you want to start and how long you want to stay. Leave the other things to us, and believe us, you got to expect your travel from that moment on.

Want To Discover A Real Indochina?

    Would you like to see the real Indochina beyond the annoying crowded tourist places that people usually go? Do you want to discover some new attractions by yourself, or you just like somewhere to wash your heart purely?

    Then come with Us! We always focus on exploring brand new itineraries, which is fit for your demand surely.

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